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Dont know who you wanna be...

Your Daddy's Little Drama Queen.

23 June
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Im a travel agent and a very out going, happy person. My Friends and Family are the most important people in the world to me. I love to dance and party I dont have a problem telling you what is on my mind if you dont like it dont listen. I'm Hella addicted to LJ Icons. I love Liz Phair, Bowling for Soup, Jenna Jameson, Ashlee Simpson and Lindsay Lohan.

Ok guys this is an awesome new t-shirt line that is just starting out. My friend Hawk who is simply awesome is the owner and he could use some help with advertising so...............

please go check them out at

if you like what you see go here:

and get a shrit or two. I posted a blog with the web addresses if for some reason this dosen't work.

Please help a friend out. I have already bought something and i love it.

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